Bitten By The Wolf

Bitten By The Wolf is a co-production between South East Customz and Pure Genius Media for the ICU Online Web TV media platform. Season 1 Episode 1 will be December 22nd, 2019. Episode 1 of Bitten By The Wolf is now available on WebTV. Watch Now

Mixed Martial Arts

2009 – 11 In 2009 PGM was hired to film a Martial Arts tournament. This would be the first of many. Theses fights were made as DVD specials and only highlights were shown of the ICU Online Web TV sight. A total of seven tournaments, (eighty fights) were filmed. In Read more…

Collective Artistes

2008 Pablo G McKenzie was invited to be on the board of directors of Collective Artistes Theatre Company. Responsibilities included overseeing all online presence, and giving input towards the future decisions of the direction the company was going.

ICU Online Web TV

2008 – 15 In 2005 Paul G McKenzie was studying HTML, Action Script 2.0 and Final Cut 7.0 at Kensington & Chelsea college branch NDTC. Using everything learned in college Paul built ICU Online Web TV as a platform to display his own work. From 2009 – 12 a channel Read more…

Axe FM

2004-06 In August 2004 Paul Stewart streamed a live 12 hour DJ set and used public forums to promote this fact. That night 120 people logged on to to see this live stream. By December 2004 over 500 people everyday were logging on to see the various underground artist Read more…