Do you really need a website? or do you actually need an app?

Where is your target market, and what is the best method to reach them?

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and it gets interrupted by a commercial? How do you feel about the company or product in that commercial which interrupted your viewing? Then what is the best way to use a video commercial?

We have over 18 years of experience in online business and media. We have seen a wealth of online business endeavours, and we have had our own share of success and failures. Our consultation is not based on theory, but on our own first-hand experience of the do’s and don’ts of online business.

Remember the internet cafes In 2000? what a great business idea, then in 2007 the smartphone was released and by 2012 internet cafes began to close left right and centre because everyone had the internet in their pocket. Remember Block Busters? The internet has changed our world and is ever-changing, and one of the most important questions you need to ask about your business idea is if it is future-proof.

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  • What are your online needs?
  • What is the purpose behind your website?
  • Who is your demographic?
  • What experience do you wish your audience/clients to have when they visit your site?
  • What is your financial budget?
  • What are your targets?
  • What is your technical knowledge?
  • Can you manage the CMS of your site?

Just a few questions aimed at helping you better understand what you will need to achieve your online goals. Our goal is to help build the road map that gets there.

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