Digital Media Content Creator

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Web Design

WordPress websites look good on any device and are 100% mobile-friendly. Its content management system is a very easy user-friendly experience. Learn More.

Video Production

We edit with Final Cut 10, Adobe Premier, and Davinci Resolve. We film with Apple & Samsung phone cameras. GoPro’s and Drones. Results are epic. Learn More.


Over fifteen years of auto mechanical history and seventeen years of digital media experience, Pablo G McKenzie has deep knowledge worth sharing. Learn More.

Defy Technology Inc Music Production

In 2003 this media movement began as Platinum Groove Records. 18 years later we have still connected to our roots via Defy Technology Inc the original music engineers from Platinum Grooves all those years ago.

Our music is created for video soundtracks, artists, commercials, jingles, and can be licensed to use at reasonable fees.

Earth is our Classroom

Never lose your ability to Learn

The Art Car

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GTA Online film production

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