Digital Media Content Creator

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Web Design

WordPress websites look good on any device and are 100% mobile-friendly. Its content management system is a very easy user-friendly experience. Learn More.

Video Production

We edit with Final Cut 10, Adobe Premier, and Davinci Resolve. We film with Apple & Samsung phone cameras. GoPro’s and Drones. Results are epic. Learn More.


Over fifteen years of auto mechanical history and seventeen years of digital media experience, Pablo G McKenzie has deep knowledge worth sharing. Learn More.

Defy Technology Inc Music Production

We are an Electronic Music Production-Company based in the United Kingdom, whose roots go back to 2003 under the Label Platinum Groove Records.

18 years later Defy Technology Inc™️, was born and although we mainly focus on creating Music, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Video Production is also areas that we specialize in as well.

The Technology