Pure Genius Media

At Pure Genius Media, our online journey began in 2004 with Axe FM, one of the earliest online DJ radio stations. Back then, social media was limited to MySpace, and Axe FM was the go-to spot for youth entertainment before platforms like Facebook and YouTube took off.

Over the past two decades, we’ve engaged in various projects that required Flash Development, DVD production, Filmmaking, Scriptwriting, Web Development, Branding, and App creation. We’ve witnessed the internet evolve from a novelty to a necessity, navigating through increasing competition from hundreds to millions of players in 2024.

Despite being a small business, we have often set the standard for larger companies that had the budget and manpower to run with our ideas. We’ve embraced this digital journey, focusing on the evolution of technology, and we enjoy the process and lifestyle. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience, receiving guidance on what works in a constantly evolving tech landscape and insights into future trends to keep their online businesses and websites relevant.

Overseeing Pure Genius Media is Paul G McKenzie director of Pure Genius Media LTD and CEO. 

Pure Genius Media is dedicated to the memory of Paul Stewart, the founder of Axe FM, who planted the seeds and began our belief in online business back in 2004.

Pure Genius Hosting

In 2024 we shifted our business model to include Web Hosting. We use servers from Fasthosts UK Serverfarms and Verpex US Server farms, which allow us to provide our clients with an affordable, competitive, robust and reliable service. 

Our partnership with Fasthosts has helped us to stay relevant in the never-ending rise of technology, and as we continuously learn and grow in our trade it is the users of our platform who will benefit the most. Our customer login area is from Verpex technologies, thus rather than reinvent the wheel we partner with companies who are doing it right and offer their expert solutions to our clients.

Overseeing Pure Genius Hosing is Karma Bundancia. Karma Bundancia is a guiding force and strategic partner for Pure Genius Media, providing invaluable mentorship and insight to the CEO and team. Though she may be behind the scenes, her influence and guidance have played a crucial role in shaping the success of the business to date.