Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices vary and are determined by the size functionality, design and build time of the project. We have a basic price guide (see here) however each website is a bespoke project, so our prices will be unique to the project. We aim to keep our prices fair and affordable, working within our clients budget.


A Basic website can take 5 to 10 days from start to finish. Our top end packages can take between 1 to 3 months, depending on a number of factors. Sometimes the project is held up by the client, but before we begin a project we estimate how long it will take, and usually complete our assignments on time.

Once a project has begun we can include our clients in our project management tool, either, Jira or Asana depending on the team and task. We can also schedule daily or weekly meetings depending on the size of the project. If your project is high-end we suggest you book with our free consultation, and pick a day and time at your convenience for us to contact you to discuss your project.

We can correspond via Microsoft Teams, Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom, so communication is absolutely free no matter what part of the World you are in.

We will provide you a questionnaire, this helps form the design brief we will work from. (Think of the design brief as a blue print). The more information you can provide, the more detailed and specific you can be about what you want the more helpful this will be.

Before we build your website, we’ll design a mockup in Photoshop first. This way you’ll get to see our initial designs and determine whether or not to go ahead. The mock up should take about 5 to 7 days and is at no cost.

In all projects we work to a payment schedule that works for our client, with the understanding that the final payment is required for the site to go live.

Usually we do not take the final payment until the site is ready to go live. The final payment is like the bottle of champaign hitting the ship as it is launched.

We are a Web hosting company and will host your site at very competitive rates, If we build your website we offer the first six months web hosting for free, with the option to pay monthly or annually thereafter. 

If you have a site that already exists and do not wish to change your hosting provider, we are also partners with Fasthosts, and have projects hosted on fasthosts servers. We also have accounts with GoDaddy and 123 Reg and are able to work on your site hosted on their servers. The disadvantage for us working away from our own servers is that we will require the host company to provide technical support if there are any technical problems. 

Yes we can manage your entire website, however this will involve a monthly fee which we can tailor to meet your needs.

Yes, we currently have two methods of CMS for our clients. Using the Website builder is the easiest method for the client, however it comes at the cost of limiting the design of the ste. Website builder is based on templates.

Using WordPress gives us the freedom of designing the site however we want, but the CMS may require a few training sessions, we will stick with you all the way until managing your own content becomes an easy task.

We can design your website with many features including an email sign-up form. eMail marketing requires a platform like Aweber, Mailchimp or Convert Kit, because you’re collecting customer’s private data, so it’s best to invest in a secure and reliable third party service, such as these. However keep in mind these 3rd party services do charge as well. For example, Aweber charges approximately £18.00 per month. This is a seperate cost to our web design price.

Our Basic package offers upto 5 pages, one of those pages can be used for blog posts. Our highend packages or eCommerce website can accommodate over 1,000 pages, with multiple pages being used for either products, promotions, blogs or other features. 

No one can know or understand your project, goals or dreams better than yourself, so we will not attempt to write original text for you. We do proofread, restructure paragraphs, and find better descriptive language at our clients request, this is included in our service at no extra cost.

Basic websites can be built using our Web Builder packages. This does limit the design to the templates provided by the Web Builder packages. 

We can also use WordPress templates to build websites, WordPress has a large catalogue of Websites to choose from.

For more complicated sites we use the WordPress database, but build the site from scratch from the ground up, we use the WordPress database to make it easier to use plugins for payment gateways, firewall security, email integrations and other useful features we could not improve on if we were to create ourselves.

First and foremost it should be understood WordPress is a “content management system” that allows you to build a website around it. If you do not need a CMS then there are many web builders that can be used to give you an online presence.

We can build your new website whilst your current website is still live. Once you are happy with the new site the process to swap the old site for the new one can be done in less than an hour. It can take as little as 10 minutes for the new website to be visible.

Yes, as 75% of web traffic is now viewed on the mobile phone, the majority of our designs keeps this in mind.

We do not guarantee you will get to the front page of Google, the SEO algorithms at Google are changing all the time, one method used got our client to the front page of Google within a month and he has remained there for over a year now. But this same method did not work for another client and after 6 months they’re still not on the front page of Google.

Getting to the front page of Google (without paying for Google advertising) dependson your industry and competition. Also the demographic you are in. If you are a hairdresser in Ipswich, you may find you are on the front page of a Google search for someone looking for Local hairdressers,  but if you are a personal trainer in London you will be competing with every other personal trainer with a website looking for that frontpage listing. 

This depends on your online endeavor. If you are just socialising online then Social Media will be suffice, there are people running online businesses just using Ebay, Amazon and Facebook. They have no personal website, the pro’s of this is they have very little overheads, the con’s are they are restricted in collecting data about their customers, and they are not in control of their business, their accounts can be closed by the host provider for any kind of breach of terms and conditions. 

Having your own website gives you control over your online presence.

We can help consult you, share our business experience with you, but first and foremost before you go discussing your “business idea” have a Non disclosure agreement (NDA) on hand, everyone is looking for the latest idea and will happily copy yours if it is any good. We will sign your NDA and then consult you.

If stock images are a requirement for the website, and this is discussed in the design brief, then yes a portion of your initial deposit is used for purchasing content required for the website.

Once we quote you a price we do our very best to deliver your website at that price and usually swallow the costs of any oversites on our part.