Better than the bank

The investment opportunity that allows your dormant money to work for you.


In 2024, Pure Genius Media LTD expanded into web hosting under the name Pure Genius Hosting. With nearly twenty years of web development and online business experience, we have recognised the growing demand for website hosting.

The internet market is booming, with over 252,000 new websites registered daily—about 10,500 every hour. In the time it takes to read  this page, 175 new websites will be registered.

In 2023, there were 1.13 billion registered websites, with an estimated 91 million more expected by 2025. As AI technology advances and the need for remote work and online businesses grows, this trend is likely to continue.

Though we are a small player in this vast market, we have the expertise and infrastructure to support 100,000 of these new websites, potentially generating over £1 million per year, or £84,000 each month. We seek investment in marketing to help us reach our targets.

Our partner company, Fasthosts, generated over £38 million in 2023. We do offer fewer services than Fasthosts, but we believe that through web hosting alone, we can achieve an annual income of over £1 million once we meet our goals. We are looking for a small team of investors to join us, offering returns far better than any bank. 

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.” : – Warren Buffett


Deciding where to invest your money can greatly affect your future. Think of your money like a seed: it won’t grow much in shallow soil, if you leave it sitting in a bank with a low 3% annual interest this is like limiting shallow soil. This small growth often doesn’t keep up with inflation, meaning your money can lose value over time.

On the other hand, investing your money in a business that offers a high return on investment (ROI) is like planting that seed in rich, fertile soil. This higher return means your money grows much faster, allowing you to earn more than the interest from the bank. 

Businesses that offer high ROIs can effectively use innovations and understand their market demands. This results in healthy profits and new opportunities for investors to share in their success. While a bank account is safe and offers small, steady growth, investing in a successful business can bring much bigger rewards. Choosing to invest in a high-ROI business instead of leaving money in the bank, allows your money to work harder for you, leading to faster wealth growth and more financial security in the long run.

We are looking specifically for investors who currently have dormant money in a savings account generating 3% to 5% API, our proposal is one of three schemes that will generate either a 10%, 20% or 40% return on investment over 12 or 24 months depending on which scheme is chosen.

Three Investment Schemes 

  1. Invest £2,500 at 10% ROI over twelve months (over twelve months £275 profit is generated and will give you a return of £2,750) If you currently have £2,500 sitting in a savings account it will earn you £75 at 3% API. We are offering you £200 more than your bank. 
  2. Invest £5,000 at 20% ROI over twelve months (over twelve months £1,000 profit is generated and will give you a return of £6,000) If you currently have £5,000 sitting in a savings account it will earn you £150 at 3% API. We are offering you £850 more than your bank.
  3. Invest £10,000 at 40% ROI over twelve months (over twelve months £4,000 profit is generated and will give you a return of £14,000) If you currently have £10,000 sitting in a savings account it will earn you £300 at 3% API. We are offering you £3,700 more than you bank.
How is your investment used?


Our target is to reach 144,000 clients over 5 years. The revenue this generates is 144,000 clients x £9.99 per month hosting =  £1,438,560.00 per month income, £17,262,720.00 per year. 

100% of investment revenue goes to our marketing campaign. We have everything else needed, the knowledge base, the business infrastructure, software, hardware, and AI technologies. However, we need a robust and highly competitive marketing campaign to make sure at least 0.5% of the estimated 91 million new registered website owners see us and choose us. 

If we are seen by 455,000 people and 144,000 of them choose our services, we will reach our targets. Your investment is our marketing fuel. The only way we will tap into the potential 91 million new website owners, is to put our brand on their radar powerfully and effectively. 

Beyond marketing, a large amount of revenue will be used to create remote customer service roles, aimed at employing single-parent families or anyone who needs work but cannot leave the house. Our staff will have the luxury of working from anywhere on the planet that has an internet connection. We will provide knowledge and training for individuals interested in working with us long-term.

Banks API vs Our ROI


Banks API




3% = £75

10% = £275



3% = £150

20% = 1000



3% = £300

40% = £4000


If you have £2,500 sitting in a savings account, and you don’t touch this money for 3 years, it will earn you £225. That same £2,500 invested into Pure Genius Hosting will earn you £275 in one year, as 12 months later £2,750 is debited back to you. £2,500 buys us 5 months of premium marketing, making us visible to over 500,000 potential clients. 

We create our own marketing and campaign materials, absorbing all costs required, which allows us to focus investment revenue solely on outreach. Our ads will be across all social media outlets and business directories. 



Monthly income

Annual Income

















  • 10,000 clients. At this stage, we will no longer require any outside investment. Our doors will be closed to external investors, however, for the investors who joined us through our start-up stage, exclusive investment opportunities can be created at a higher ROI.  
  • 50,000 clients. At this stage, our focus has shifted to customer service. Our entire business is online, allowing us to create Remote working opportunities. This will be ideal for anyone who has full-time caring responsibilities, and single-parent families.   
  • 100,000 clients. We believe it is possible to reach this goal within 3 years, considering this many people are registering websites every 12 hours today. When we hit this goal it will be a time for board meetings, observing the market and trends,
  • 150,000 + clients. As long as there is demand, we will continue to offer our services.

 We’re extremely confident in the immense potential for a web hosting business in today’s climate. 

With the surge in demand for online businesses, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and remote work, the need for reliable web hosting services has skyrocketed. 

Our partnership with Fasthosts & Verpex Systems gives us access to state-of-the-art server farms, advanced technology, excellent customer support, and competitive pricing, positioning us to enter this market very competitively. 

We understand the changing needs of businesses and offer scalable solutions for both startups and large enterprises. 

By leveraging these opportunities, we are set to achieve significant financial success and establish ourselves as strong contenders in the web hosting industry in 2024. 

The future of our business is very promising.


Paul G McKenzie, the founder of Pure Genius Media LTD, is an exceptional choice to run a web hosting business. Here’s why:

Extensive Experience: With 20 years of experience in online business trends and development, Paul McKenzie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Since 2004, he has been deeply involved in the digital media landscape, witnessing and adapting to the rapid evolution of online technologies and consumer behaviours. This long-term experience is invaluable in understanding the complexities and nuances of web hosting, ensuring the business remains competitive and innovative.

In-Depth Knowledge of Online Trends: Paul’s extensive work with online digital media means he is well-versed in the latest trends and technologies. His understanding of SEO, content management systems, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and user experience design ensures that the web hosting business can offer cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of modern businesses. His ability to stay ahead of industry trends positions the business to provide innovative and relevant services to clients.

Strong Network and Industry Connections: Over two decades, Paul has built a strong network of industry connections, including partnerships with technology providers, digital marketers, and other key stakeholders in the online business ecosystem. These relationships can be leveraged to enhance the web hosting business’s offerings, secure favourable deals, and access the latest technology and industry insights.

Customer-Centric Approach: Paul’s experience with digital media has instilled a deep understanding of the importance of customer experience. In the web hosting industry, where reliability, support, and user satisfaction are paramount, Paul’s customer-centric approach ensures that clients receive exceptional service. His ability to empathize with customers’ needs and pain points will drive continuous improvement in service delivery and customer support.

Strategic Vision and Innovation: Running a successful web hosting business requires a strategic vision and the ability to innovate continuously. Paul’s history of working in dynamic and evolving markets indicates his capability to think strategically and implement innovative solutions. His forward-thinking mindset will help the business navigate challenges and seize new opportunities, ensuring long-term success and growth.


Paul McKenzie’s extensive experience, proven track record, in-depth knowledge of online trends, strong network, customer-centric approach, and strategic vision make him an excellent choice to run a web hosting business. His background in digital media and online business development equips him with the skills and insights needed to lead a web hosting company to success in a competitive and ever-changing industry.


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