About PGM

Pure Genius Media is now solely focused on the development of ICU Online LTD’s Online business development. Our time and resources are heavily involved in the construction of ICU Online LTD’s WebTV, Shopping, Passions and Web Hosting.

Pure Genius Media will be focused on the film production of Bitten By The Wolf, Kudo Knights, and a list of titles exclusively for WebTV after the launch of ICU Online TV.

The ICU Online projects are:

ICU Online Hub | WebTV | ICU Gamer | Home Shool Academy | ICU Shopping | ICU Web Hosting

All these businesses are work in progress and should be all up and running bu January 2021. Until then Pure Genius Media is not taking on any new clients. Unless you really insist and are throwing loads of money at us, we can always squeeze you in at the right price.

Earth is a Classroom, Life is the teacher, Love is the Lesson, Selfless is the Key.