When i’m driving on the highway, I feel free.

For some people, a vehicle is nothing more than a means of transportation from point A to B. But for others, their vehicle is a living breathing machine. Some will understand this, some will not. For those of us emotionally connected to our mode of transportation, be it a car, motorbike, van, or other, the Kudo Knights are a group of veteran motoring enthusiasts committed to the car scene but importantly, showing honour and respect to the Car scene.  

There can be a mystical relationship between man/woman and machine, and there are some very difficult to explain stories about vehicles that have taken care of their owner in a spooky way. Personally, I can think of 4 occasions in the past 30 years where the only explanation I can find is the car drove itself, or an Angel was driving the car on my behalf.  

For some the appreciation is just the art, the build, the engineering. The car does not have to be alive to be appreciated, the the fire, passion and energy that these drivers have for their vehicle, and the automotive scene bind them together. The Kudo Knights are all about excellence.

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