In 2019 the owners of Dip This Dip That Hydro Dipping approached us to build their website and create for. them an online presence.

Dip This Dip That is a newly established hydrographic company based in Edmonton, North London. With DipThis DipThat they take style and personalization to the next level with our hydro dipping techniques. There are currently thousands of different patterns to choose from including Camouflage, Wood Grains, Carbon Fiber, Metals, Stone, and designer patterns. Infinite color and pattern combinations. 

Hydro Dipping, better known as water transfer printing, is a process that has been in use for the last ten years as a great way to change the look of a product without respraying it. Any item with a solid surface can be dipped using this safe process.

There is a wide range of patterns and colours available and they are experts in helping you choose the most appropriate one for your personal belongings…

visit dipthisdipthat here.