And so it all begins

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This is where my new journey into the unknown starts. It is Thursday March 28th and I am once again at the beginning of a “freedom project”, the difference this time, I have reconnected with Source after a very long sabbatical, learning, mastering how not to find source. So that when I finally found source it was abundantly clear I had found the epicentre of existence and not another rinky dink man made religion. If you have found religion and you are happy in your religion, good for you, and I wish you well. I tried religion with all my heart, mind, soul and strength, Hell will freeze over and become a solid block of ice before I attempt another mind numbing experience like that ever again.

But as for finding the Epicentre of existence? The only way is to be void of Self and void of Fear, your ego and your fear cannot approach even the concept of Source. And now that I have had my first encounter with the Origins of Existence, I feel ready to once again approach the ICU Online TV project, originally set in place in 2008, was in its peak in 2012 but died in 2015, only to be raised from the dead in 2019 and used for the very purpose it was intended originally.

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