Platinum Grooves Records

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In 2003 Platinum Groove records was formed by Paul G McKenzie and Paul Stewart to record various artist, provide publicity for these artist, create recorded material for sales & promotions and host promotional events.

We had a stable of 5 artists at the time, Rudy Miller, G Star, AG, Justice, and Rennie Rain, music was provided by myself, Paul Stewart, and Steve Wellington (Havavision Records). Our Artists performed in and around London in various Clubs and Pubs, our goal was to build a big enough fanbase to justify the investment of mass production of CDs and distribution deals. However 2003 marked the time in history when MP3 downloads began to destroy the sale of CD’s, we had great talent, great music but poor timing.

It was the struggle to market and promote Platinum Groove artists that lead to Axe FM being developed as a means of online promotions in 2004.

A full detailed account of the creation and events of Platinum Groove Records can be found in the Pablo G autobiography “The Way I Am” due to be released Summer 2021.

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